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Future Doorman

Part of our eLobby service consists of our Future Doorman, providing the ultimate in efficiency, reliability, innovation and attention to details in a complete package for your building. Future Doorman offers security, a format for package delivery, and host of other features that make it a desirable alternative for buildings without a human doorman.

Our Future Doorman is comprised of an IP high-definition system that is fully redundant with cellular back-up and includes enhanced tracking of packages, logging activity of visitors, intra-messaging within building residences and management, and the ability to respond to requests.

An electronic display board in the lobby ensures that all functions are centralized (compared to other services of this nature with a separate intercom and box to call the doorman). We can provide a fully-customized 17″ touch-screen, or a smaller screen of 5.6″, depending on the size and needs of the building.

Depending on the package chosen, maintenance and upgrades are included. The client must provide high-speed internet access with static IP. We will be happy to provide further details and an exact quote based on your requirements once the property has been assessed.