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Xiom Security is the premier source for state-of-the-art security solutions for commercial and residential protection.

Is your security system ideal for your needs? Are you envisioning something more advanced? Xiom Security services facilities of any size that seek the next generation of security technology.

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Our Associates

Our New Partnership with D+H Mechatronic AG

We are partnering with D+H Mechatronic AG, a global leader in the field of innovative, “green”-rated smoke ventilation and natural ventilation. Your source for the best in ventilation systems for a project of any size – with the same high quality and service you can expect from our security systems we are pleased to offer you a wide variety of customizable options to expertly and effectively fulfill your ventilation needs.

Safety is paramount, and our products are not only LEED-certified, they are also UL-certified. We design a system within your control, so you can create your climate with controlled natural ventilation.

We have the right drive for smoke ventilation or natural ventilation via façade windows, or for any aluminum, wood or plastic roof windows. Our variety of drives, including a range of award-winning chain drives, is comprised of these lines:

  • the Ventic series for natural ventilation
  • the Ventic Solar series – the world’s first solar power
  • the CDC series – for customer-specific building requirements
  • the CDM series – the most flexible drive for façade windows
  • Rack & Pinion Drives – primarily used on a roof for opening and closing lights and skylight elements
  • the RDM series – for smoke ventilation
  • the RDP series – for heavier roof applications
  • the RDX series – the ideal way to operate very large and heavy windows

Our wide range of Controls – the intelligence behind our products that provides them with unparalleled performance – includes applications for smoke and heat ventilation, elevator shaft smoke ventilation, and natural ventilation.
We can offer you the ideal solution for your ventilation needs, with the best in technology, planning, installation and maintenance. For detailed information about the D+H Mechatronic AG product line, please click here. Please contact us for details, and we’ll be happy to provide a thoughtful assessment of your ventilation needs.