Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems
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We carry a full range of intercoms, from an open-voice system to the digital communicator. We will build custom lobby panels and an intercom for a concierge desk.

Apartment Systems

Open-voice audio system

The open voice systems are a half-duplex voice system that allows either talking, listening or opening the door (but not simultaneously, as for each operation a dedicated push button is required).

Full duplex voice system (handset style)

The full duplex system allows you to use all operations (talking, listening and opening the door) at the same time, like a regular landline phone.

Digital intercom systems

Aiphone has introduced a new line of digital signaling in a system that can benefit more for most standard applications.

The GF system has the capability to transfer the doorbell system of a buzzer system to a full duplex handset-style system. A programmable panel allows programming any button to ring any apartment, and the dialer on the panel is included, which is ideal for a large number of tenants.

For a doorman building, the concierge station has a built-in dialer and name display that allows dialing or identifying the caller, while the tenant can call the doorman with a dedicated button.

Office intercoms

Office applications usually use a  single-channel video or audio system.

Some of the systems includeA single-channel audio intercom with door release;

A single-channel audio-video intercom with door release;

A multi-door intercom system for more than one entry door and one or more indoor stations.