Face Recognition Systems

Face Recognition Systems
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3D Face Reader

Access Control made Fast, Effortless and Secure

Provide your employees with lightening-speed access to your offices and restricted areas.

3D Face Reader increases security while maintaining fluid access into buildings, making the process effortless for employees.


3D Face Reader is a three-dimensional facial recognition biometric system for access control based on a person’s facial contours and geometric shape. This three-dimensional approach is achieved by 2 integrated cameras synchronized together to re-construct a 3D facial template for a user. The system is precise enough to even identify identical twins accurately. This one reader can perform enrollment, verification and identification.

Superior Matching Engine
• Authenticate users in under a second
• Identify identical twins accurately
• Accurate matching using 40,000 data pointsUser Friendly
• Truly a hands-free solution in access control for ultimate convenience
• 4-inch full color LCD screen to aid in user positioning
• Customizable voice prompts
Easy Installation
• Embedded Platform with built-in processing & biometric matching
• Futuristic access control with IP capability i.e. least amount of wiring and components
• Interface directly to existing access control panels and card readers using Wiegand, RS232, RS422, or RS485 interfaceSupport for Large User Bases
• Handle a high volume of traffic to authenticate thousands of employees as they start a new shift
• Stores up to 60,000 templates for verification
• Stores up to 1,000 templates for ide