Best Intercom System

Best Intercom System
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We work with the best intercom systems from th best manufacturers like Aiphone, Comelit, 2N, eLobby and more:

    • Aiphone GT series – Multi tenant buildings
    • Aiphone JO series – Office and single family intercom
    • Aiphone AX series – large offices – runs on data cables
    • Comelit Ikall intercoms – Cat 5 cable or 2 wires system, multi tenant, mobile app most versatile system
    • Comelit VIP – IP video intercom with mobile app
    • Comelit 316 – Architectural touch screen entry panel
    • 2N communication – VOIP system – most advanced system with mobile app and 7″ monitors
    • 2N Communication Verso panels – with touch screen module and bluetooth access system
    • eLobby system – Our Unique remote doorman service see attached an offer for a client as a sample

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Our intercom systems are distinctive as they are multiple cost effective elements that no other intercom program has. There are portable intercom units which sit on the surface of a desk, table, or counter top. There are two styles of the unit with one. It transmits and receives the same space as the non extreme range unit. Both have a maximum range of one thousand legs, but you are more inclined to acquire in the 300 foot vary based on surroundings. Both units have the same attribute set. Free system has a water resistant outside doorbell intercom which may be used in your front door to speak to people there.


The nice thing relating to this unit is when the people at your doorway press the button, they could speak hands free. There is also a water resistant outside intercom which may be utilized in any outdoor installation. This intercom necessitates button presses for every transmission. You may hang it on the wall and put rubber legs on this unit and use it indoors if you want. The nice part is it only has one big button which makes it effortless to use. Free program also has a flush mount intercom which may make your installation more custom looking. It requires cutting a hole in the wall, but it is battery powered too so no wiring is required.


The battery life in most of the Wire Free components is 1 to 2 years so that they do not require a lot of battery changing. Free program has a Monitor and VOX function that not all wireless intercoms have. Monitor is just like a baby monitor mode. The main difference is that it does not continuously monitor. Its mic only turns onto when it detects sound that is loud enough to turn on the microphone. There are 3 different sensitivity settings to trigger the mic, but even at its most very sensitive setting, it is not going to work well for faint voices more than a number of legs from the microphone.


The downside of utilizing The Monitor mode for a number of applications is which it sounds a tone on the side each time the mic is activated. If you had been using this to monitor kids, this would get irritating pretty fast. Free unit at VOX mode, whenever someone from the other unit calls on the unit in VOX mode, they could answer hands free without pressing on the Talk button. One problem that is shared with the two-way radios that have VOX is that there is a slight delay in transmission whilst the VOX circuit turn on the transmit microphone. Experienced radio operators know how to overcome the by replicating on the first word or two, but for your common person, this delay is a little frustrating.