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Access Control Solutions

Getting access to a premise is one of the most important aspects of any owner of an asset such as a building or such similar assets that require entry and exit. This can however also be the leading source of security issues for any premise owner. This has been such a nuisance for many years that technology is constantly being developed to ensure that only authorized personnel gain entry to a particular premise. This has given rise to access control technologies which is a key area of concerns for many organizations, big or small. It is with this in mind that Xiom Security seeks to offer you the very best and safest and most reliable access control solutions for your company.

Traditionally, locks have been used for access control for very many years until the recent past where technology has evolved. These locks served quite well but came with a bunch of disadvantages that required a more reliable, immobile system to be developed. These locks could very often be
manipulated by experts and novices alike thereby gaining access to restricted areas. These manipulations included duplication of keys, cutting of these locks, or even unintended damage that compromised their quality. Also, the keys could be lost or stolen thereby denying access to authorized users. As earlier indicated, this led to the development of new technologies that are more reliable and safer than the traditional locks.

These keyless systems involved the use of the magnetic lock or the buzzer system. These systems are then accessed either through biometric identification, keypad card swipes or proximity cards. Thus authorized personnel, who are within the system’s database, gain access to the system
without necessarily owning the traditional key. This system is quite simple often only having a database from which the system will refer before granting access or denying access. These systems can be manipulated to grant access to certain persons in only certain areas and at specified times. This makes it an even more effective system in terms of managing the access itself.

In brief, these key systems work in the following ways:

The proximity card which is usually a card with an electric ID code which is read by the reader, authenticated through the system before the user is granted access.

The keypad entry where the user punches numeric codes into a keypad which checks with the system before granting access. The code may be similar or unique depending on customer requirements.

Biometric access uses the user biometrics which may include fingerprint or iris scanner to positively identify an individual.

This system majorly stands out from its predecessor because of the following reasons:

Only authorized persons are allowed to enter

It is faster as this cards or biometrics gain or denies access almost instantly

The data can be used to create audit trials and other organizationally required data

The access can be modified in terms of time or jurisdiction

These services are best provided by Xiom Security for over 20 years. We use the best and most advanced technology in the market.